PROPS!! If you’ve made it this far…YOU’RE AN ACTION TAKER, and you’re committed to becoming BETTER, and experiencing BETTER results in your love life.  Below, I’ve organized the advice I would give you (in person) in the form of your own “Virtual Dating Game Advisor.” Proceed below if you’re ready to make the CHOICE to learn more about Level 1 and my recommended “3 Actions in 3 Minutes.” – Mario


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“Is Life just a game? Is Love??’” 

Prepare to have some “a-ha” moments of clarity about the games of Life and Love.
This is THE anchor of your Dating Game education.

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“Principles of Dating Game”

What your friends, family, school, and society couldn’t, and DIDN’T, teach you about winning at Life and Love.

Everything we offer builds upon this foundational online course. Created as a solution for GGG clients, and now available to the public.

– Understanding “Game”
– Foundations of Dating Game
– Advanced Concepts of Dating Game

Who do you contact when you need answers, advice, and/or help through an emergency in your love life? Sometimes, good intentions from friends and family is NOT enough…

Sometimes it REALLY MATTERS if you win or lose. 

GGG has your back with expert answers, advice, and help when you need it, and it’s as easy as texting a friend!
(Except with better advice, and VIP response time!)

– Get answers that fast-track your Dating Game development!
 – Receive expert advice BEFORE you make big decisions!
– Reduce mistakes and regrets!
– Increase your odds of success!

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