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BIO – 50 Words

Educator and coach of 20+ years, founder of Get Game Group, and committed to helping men and women unprepared by society to win at the games of Life and Love through the development of “Game” (the awareness and competency of the “better” strategies of action).

BIO – 100 Words

Mario Singelmann – Educator and coach of 20+ years, and founder of Get Game Group. Through my own pursuit for the answers to “Why?” I developed a philosophy and approach that Life and Love…ARE GAMES, and therefore, MUST have rules and “better” strategies of action. 

I now find myself with Get Game Group tackling my most rewarding coaching project to date –  helping men and women qualify for (and earn) the love life of their dreams. I’m on a mission to elevate my clients from settling in their standards and dreams to EXPERIENCING the options and fulfillment the Top 20% enjoy.


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