I’m Mario Singelmann and I’ve used my 20+ years of diverse experiences as an educator and coach helping people hack Life’s systems for better results to create a transformational program called Becoming 2.0. I am also the author of The 8 to Close Code, a life hack I discovered and teach that fast-tracks progress. As a coach, my job is to help others succeed more, faster, and easier. It’s especially gratifying when my clients are rewarded for becoming better versions of themselves. As we work together, they develop greater awareness and competency both socially and romantically, so they can win more and lose less! I believe that Life is a game of patterns, and we can all have better strategies of action for overcoming all challenges. This is more than a job; I’m on a mission to elevate my clients from settling in their standards and dreams to experiencing the options and fulfillment the Top 20% enjoy. I’ve lived the journey – and my clients do, too!