I’m Mario Singelmann, educator and coach of 20+ years, and founder of Get Game Group. (And yes…that’s REALLY my last name. It’s German!) 

Through my own pursuit for the answers to “Why?” regarding Life and Love, I developed a philosophy and approach that Life and Love…ARE GAMES, and therefore…MUST have rules and better strategies of action. 

Following this (unexpected) path, I now find myself with Get Game Group tackling my greatest, and most rewarding, coaching project to date –  helping men and women qualify for (and earn) the results in Life and Love they’ve been dreaming of. I’ve set out to shift the odds, authoring The “8-to-Close” Code, a lifehack for fast-tracking progress; offering free weekly video minilessons coaching better strategies for Life and Love to Get Game Group members; as well as the transformational program, Becoming 2.0. 

As a coach, my job is to help others succeed MORE, FASTER, and EASIER. I’m on a mission to elevate my clients from settling in their standards and dreams to experiencing the options and fulfillment in their love life the Top 20% enjoy. I’ve lived the journey – and my clients do, too!