To help men and women struggling to succeed at the games of Life and Love win MORE, FASTER, and EASIER.

GGG is dedicated to helping men and women level up their “Game” in order to qualify for, AND earn, their desired outcomes from the games of Life and Love.

To help men and women level up their Game, so they can win MORE, FASTER, and EASIER.

We define Game as “the awareness AND competency of the better strategies of action.”

YES!! Male, female, old, young, social butterflies, the “socially awkward”…if you can get better, you can learn Game. 

As a matter of fact…you were born with it!

EVERYONE has Game. Even a baby has Game when it cries as a strategy to get fed or their diaper changed.

Not at all! With greater knowledge of Game, you will become aware and competent of MORE strategies of action, and then YOU get to choose the strategy that you feel not only will be more likely to succeed…but aligns with your moral and core values. 

No, but just like in any aspect of Life…the more you invest in getting better, the more likely (and quickly) you are to experience “better” results. 

Fun fact about life…you can learn MORE and FASTER if you can benefit from the experience and wisdom of a coach/teacher who can guide and facilitate your development. REMEMBER, getting help in the game of Love isn’t considered cheating or punished. It’s “smart” and rewarded!!

No. “Game” is about learning better strategies of action to win more in Life (and all its minigames). It isn’t limited to the game of Love. As a concept, it applies to ALL aspects and minigames of Life. 

Think of Game as “self-development.” It is.

The “Game” we teach at GGG is also for both men AND women, and adheres to the moral principles of honesty of self AND intentions, creating “win-win” outcomes, and doesn’t require hurting anyone else for you to benefit.

LET’S BE REAL –  Pickup is about helping guys get laid. It DOES have merit…but the GGG position is that “Pickup” is both flawed AND incomplete as a path for men to qualify for and EARN their desired love life experiences. You can only fake being an attractive person for so long. 

Why not just become an attractive person who knows MORE, and BETTER…and offers a better “total package”?

Instead of teaching lines, routines, or deceptive/manipulative practices…GGG emphasizes a greater goal of becoming BETTER through the development of “Game” for better awareness and competency of the better strategies of action. 

A better “You” yields better results. That’s how the game of Life operates. 

We understand! (And we’ve all been there.) For emergencies, those moments when you need advice or have questions, we offer the Love Life Helpline. 

SUGGESTED: Sign up TODAY so you can avoid waiting 24 hours for processing (in the future) when you’re dealing with an emergency in your love life that can’t wait! Instead, find relief knowing you have an expert in your pocket that you can count on for professional advice – with VIP response time!!

Our Love Life Academy is an opportunity for men and women to receive FREE video mini-lessons from GGG that are designed to help men and women of all levels improve their Game AND their love life. Signup is free and members receive at least two videos every week as well as exclusive “member” opportunities and benefits.